The creators of Icon are studio owners and dance parents, just like you. Attending various competitions for over 20 years inspired us to think about creating our very own style of competition. Our goal is to build a unique event that delivers valuable feedback to each and every competitor to support the realization of their full potential. At the same time, we recognize the special qualities that already make each performer an Icon.

We believe that all performers should be praised for the incredible commitment they make to their passion. These young people have invested a tremendous amount of time and hard work in order to perfect their routines. Our intention is to be a part of what helps to shape them during their dance careers. With seasoned professionals that work with and coach students at the judges’ table, we know that our participants will leave our competition feeling empowered. Performers will go home with new and innovative critiques they can use to further develop their talent and grow as a dancer.

Along with awards given to dances of all kind for multiple accomplishments, the combination of a positive environment and equal adjudications for every dance is what we believe is the recipe for a fun, enriching and successful competition experience.

We are enormously grateful to you for choosing Icon Performing Arts. It is our absolute privilege to provide this experience to your studio. We can’t wait to enjoy your performances and celebrate all your hard work and talent!

Have fun at your Icon competition and both on and off the stage!